Preserving and Creating Memories

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Preserving Memories

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Do you have any photographs or film or slides? We would like to help you preserve the memories within these treasures. We take good care of your original film, slides, or prints. We handle film, slides, or photos with special gloves because skin oil can be very unkind to these materials. Once we receive your film or slides we evaluate each frame for dust and clean each one if necessary. We then place the film or slides on a light table and do preliminary evaluation with respect to saturation, scratches, balance, and more. We then do a pre-scan to ensure the best possible scan result.

Your original slides, film, and prints are all handled individually by hand. This minimize the risk of equipment jams and malfunctions.

We are not limited to just slides, film, and photos, you can also send us your art work or child's art work.

Perhaps you have film and instead of digitizing them you would like to have them develop. We offer this service as well; however, only for black and white film.

The services we offer for preserving memories are:

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Creating Memories


We also like to create memories and we enjoy sharing treasured moments with family and friends. Perhaps it has been awhile since the whole family has been together and you would like some pictures taken while everyone is around. Perhaps it is Christmas time or Thanksgiving and the grandparents are visiting or the grandchildren, a great time to get some nice family pictures done. There might a recent graduate whether kindergarten, junior high, high school, or university and you would like a few pictures in the park or near the river - we can help. Perhaps you have a little dancer at home who would like their own photo shoot, we can help you. We also have our own "portable studio" with a white background that we can bring with us for a photo shoot at home.

Even though the age of digital cameras has been here for quite a few years, film cameras are still around. We use both a 120mm Film Camera, a Mamiyaflex C2, and a 35mm film Camera, a Canon AE-1. On request we can do a photos shoot with one of these.

If you are interesting or have any question regarding what we offer for creating memories, please click here

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