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Who We Are

Memories R Us

We are a Photography Business in Calgary (Alberta). Our aim is to help you Preserve and Create Memories.

A New Beginning

The concept for Memories R Us started in 2018. We want to help people Preserve and Create memories. This dream became a reality in 2019.

Our Goal

People often wonder: What was behind the beginning of Memories R us?

It all started with the idea to Preserve Memories. We all know the saying, “A Picture is worth a Thousand Words,” right? Just think how many 1000s of Words are out there, but has no story to tell others because they are, perhaps, hidden in a box. At Memories R Us, we like to help people tell the story and share the memories.

Memories are Important

Memories are important because they tell a story. Often times those stories can become forgotten. At Memories R Us we would like to keep the stories going.

Not all that long ago an elderly gentleman showed me a black and white picture of his mother holding him as a babe. The joy on his face as he told me the story behind the picture was unforgettable. At Memories R Us we would like to help all people – young and old – to preserve those treasured memories for years to come. And perhaps help people find ways to share these memories and stories with others.

Just as important as it is to Preserve Memories, at Memories R Us we believe it is also of value to Create Memories.

Our Commitment

At Memories R us our Commitment is threefold: To You, the Community, the Environment.

Our Commitment to You:

  • To Listen to You and Your story
  • To help you Preserve Memories for the Present and Future
  • To be a Guide to you to Share Photo Memories
  • To Journey with you to Create Memories for Years to come

Our Commitment to the Community

  • Every year we’ll pick at least one Charitable Organization in Calgary to support
  • The support will be 10% of all revenue earn
  • During 2019, the Charitable Organization we’ll support will be The Calgary Food Bank

Our Commitment to the Environment

  • Whenever possible we’ll use digital billing and communication
  • If we need to use paper, we’ll use paper made from Sugar Cane instead of Trees
  • Any Company we use for product will have Environmental Policies
  • Any Chemicals we use for Photo Development will be discarded in Environmental Friendly ways

Our Team
Meet our Dynamic Team who are here to Assist you Preserving and Creating Memories

Feathers Ostrich the Creative Director

Feathers Ostrich

Creative Director and Administrator. Feathers joined our team in late 2018. Dewey D Photographer and Owner

Dewey D

Photographer and Owner. Dewey started Memories R Us in 2018.

Wings Dodo

Social Media and Spoke Person. Wings will be joining the team later this year.

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