Owner and Photographer

Dewey D

Dewey is the creator of Memories R Us. The idea to help people Preserve and Create Memories started in 2018 and become a reality in 2019.

About Me

Photographer, writer, husband, father

I love photography. Taking a picture and creating a memory is what a live for. I have been on a two Photo Tours, Newfoundland Photography Experience and Yukon Gold with VG Photography Tours. I enjoy going to the Rocky Mountains for a hike and creating memories along the way.

Enjoy to write and also have a Photo Blog called Dewey’s Digital Delight. Quite often I write Blog entries on my excursions. I also enjoy going to the Calgary Zoo where I have taken more great pictures.

I got married in 2018, and we forgot to get a photographer. What to do? Before the wedding ceremony (we had a small wedding of just 16 people) I asked, “Anyone like to be our photographer?” We had two wonderful volunteers who took our pictures. As you might have guessed, this experience become a Blog Entry I called, “A New Way of Doing Wedding Photography.”

Do you have a shoe box with old photographs laying around? Have you seen one of these at your parents or grandparents place? So, often the memories within these photos get lost. I believe these picture has so much wisdom to share with us; and so, the seed was planted for Memories R Us.

Dewey at Kluane Lake, Yukon. Dewey at Carcross Desert The Mamiyaflex, Black and White Film Camera. Getting the picture right is important. Taking pictures in the Yukon.

The Cameras

I bought my first DSLR in 2007, and it was a Sony Alpha200.  Since then, I never looked back and always searched for the next picture. After a few years I switched over to Canon and bought my first Canon Camera a Canon 60D. Now I use both a Canon 6D and also Canon 7D.  In 2017 I walked the Camino de Santiago and instead of taking the DSLR cameras I bought Canon PowerShot G& X Mark II. I hope to convert my old Canon 60D to a be dedicated Infrared Camera.  

I also use two Film Cameras, 120mm Mamiyaflex C2 Professional Camera from the 60s and a 35mm Canon AE-1. Using film cameras has been an interesting experience and learning curve. I also develop my own black and white print for both 120mm and 35mm film.



I bought my first camera when I was 13. It was a small point and shoot. A few years later I bought a 35mm Camera. In 2003 I entered the world of digital photography.

Since 2007 I have been using several photo editing programs, in particular Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

Overtime I completed several certificates at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)-Certificate of Achievement in Photography-and Mount Royal University (MRU)-Digital Communications Extension Certificate, WordPress Certificate of Completion, and Digital Content Creation Extension Certificate.

I bring both personal experience and class room experience to photography and helping you Preserve and Create Memories.

Dewey and Zlatica