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Memorial Videos & Children’s Art

At Memories R Us we are dedicated to help you Preserve and Create Memories. We have two projects we hope to bring to you in the near future as Blogs Entries and Videos (and perhaps an Infographic). The two projects are very important to us and we believe would be helpful for you.  

The two Projects are: Making a Memorial or Tribute Video and Digitally Preserving Children’s Art.

Memorial Video and Tribute Video

If you have ever been to a funeral or celebration of life service, you may be familiar with Memorial or Tribute. I, Dewey, have seen my share of Memorial Videos. I have seen some videos done well and I have seen other videos that needed a little work.

People may have many questions about preparing a Memorial Video such as: How many pictures should we have? How long should it be? How do we organize the pictures? Which pictures should we choose? And there are many more questions.

Memories R Us will look at these questions and provide helpful tips and guidance. In the final installment of the series we will do a video walk through and put a Memorial Video together.

The information for the Memorial Video and Tribute Video will work quite well for Birthdays, Weddings, and Other Occasions.

Children’s Art

This year our Tween attended Art Camp, twice. All of a sudden, we have eight more wonderful drawings and painting. A house has only so much space. Often times these Art Pieces get stored and forgotten.

Why not Preserve them?

But they are too big? We have already taken a photo with our phone.

There is so much more we can do. Yes, we can take a picture with our phone. We may even use a regular camera. Why not scan them?

For the Children’s Art Project, we’ll show you the different ways to Create and Preserve these Memories from taking a picture to scanning.

Happy Memories

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Happy Memories,

~Wings, Feathers, and Dewey~

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