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Memories R Us has three team members. We would you to meet Dewey. Dewey is the creator, owner, and photographer at Memories R Us.

Dewey has enjoyed photography from a young age. His first camera was a small 110mm point and shoot he bought with birthday money. The seed was planted, and photography became a passion. During his first year in seminary he bought his first digital camera, a point and shoot. Two years later he acquired a Compact Kodak Digital Camera. Not long after that, he entered the world of DSLR with the acquisition of a Sony Alpha 200 and then a Sony Alpha 300.  

Dewey also enjoys astronomy. After researching which cameras are best for astrophotography, he switched over to Canon. Today he owns Canon 60D, 6D, and 7D. He hopes to convert the Canon 60D into a dedicated IR camera.

In 2017, Dewey walked the Camino de Santiago. Even though he wanted to take all his camera equipment with him, that would have been too difficult. So, for the 800 km journey he bought a Canon Powershot G7 Mark II.

A few years ago, Dewey rediscovered film photography. He uses a Mamiyaflex C2 Professional Camera from the 60s, which is a 120mm film camera. His other film camera is a 35mm Canon AE-1 from the 80s.

Dewey also enjoy photo tours and excursions. He has been on two photo tours with VG Photography Tours and he enjoys walks on the trails in Kananaskis and Banff with cameras in hand.

He has also completed several certificates in Photography, Digital Communications, Digital Content Creation.

Dewey also enjoys restoring Old Photographs to bring back new live to them.

Dewey brings both personal experience and classroom experience to photography and helping you Preserve and Create Memories.

When you are ready, Dewey and the Team is here to help; after all, Preserving and Creating Memories are our business.

Happy Memories,

~Wings, Feathers, and Dewey~

Dewey taking a picture. Dewey taking a picture. The Mamiyaflex C2 The Mamiyaflex C2 On the Trail On the Trail

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