Meet Feathers the Ostrich
Our Creative Director and Administrator


Memories R Us has three team members. We would you to meet Feathers the Ostrich. Feathers’ role at Memories R Us as our Creative Director and Administrator.

Feathers, though an Ostrich from Southern Africa, comes to us from Thunder Bay, ON. Feathers would like to say a special word of thanks to Susan Mattinson – the creator of Pastor Shep– who brought Feathers to us.


Feathers knows the assumptions people make about ostriches all to well. Especially, that ostriches bury their heads in the sand when they are scared or frightened! Silly as it might be, Feathers doesn’t mind; he sees this as a learning opportunity.

People may feel scared or frightened when it comes to Preserving and Creating Memories. Feathers like to expand this analogy, he says, “Think about it, when you bury your head in the sand, you can just ignore whatever is happening, and that is more than just those things that scare of frighten you.” Text content

Ostrich with head buried in the sand Ostrich - Memories R U Mascot - looking to front

What if

It might be scary or frightening to think what we might encounter when we go through old pictures. What if there are so many? What if we don’t know the people in them? What if they are damaged? How are we supposed to see what are on the slides or film? What if it takes too much time or cost too much money to Preserve these Memories?

It might be scary or frightening thinking about Creating Memories. What if we are shy or don’t know what to do for a pose? What if our Artwork isn’t good enough to create a book of slide show?


Feathers’ advice is: Don’t let any of these things worry you. There is no need to bury your head in the sand. Preserving and Creating Memories are fun and enjoyable, and not scary or frightening at all.

When you are ready, Feathers and the Team is here to help; after all, Preserving and Creating Memories are our business.

Happy Memories,

~Wings, Feathers, and Dewey~

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