Why Choose Memories R Us?
We care about the Community.

In a previous blog entry, we shared with you the first reason why you should choose Memories R Us to help you Preserve and Create Memories. The first reason why we believe you should choose us is that we are committed to you and your story.

Continue to read to see the second reason we believe you should choose Memories R Us.

Our Commitment

We are committed to help you Preserve and Create Memories. Our commitment is threefold: we are committed to YOU, the COMMUNITY, and the ENVIRONMENT.

In this blog post we would like to tell you more about our second commitment: COMMUNITY.

We are part of a Community

We are part of a community. This includes a community of photographers who love to help people,  individuals who want to Preserve and Create Memories, and people who care. We are also part of the community of the city we call home. We believe it is important to help our local community. As such 10% of all revenue is donated to a local charitable organization.

How does this work?

Let’s say you have contacted Memories R Us to convert 35mm film to digital images and there are 100 images that we’ll scan at 2400 ppi. The amount that we charge will be $0.75 x 100 = $75+GST. Of the $75 we donate $7.50 to a charitable organization. You are helping the community when you choose us for your photography services.

Where is the 10% going?

Every year we choose a local charitable organization. For 2019 we’ll give the donation to the Calgary Foodbank.

Why Choose Memories R Us

Our commitment is to You and to the Community. Preserving and Creating Memories are our passion. We would be honoured to help you Preserve and Create Memories. When we are your choice for your photography services you also help the community.

If you have any questions or are just curious about Preserving and Creating Memories, contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Happy Memories,

~Wings, Feathers, and Dewey~

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